Monday, December 28, 2009

Logo of Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation

Have you ever noticed logo of postal corporations or postal authorities? There are always interesting facts and stories about it. If you take closer look at the official logo of Postal Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago, it consists of a red colored bird adjoining TT POST. Do you know what bird is it? If you live in South America or Caribbean, you would easily know its name. It is a Hummingbird common to the gardens and landscape in many parts of the New World. Yes, Hummingbirds are small yet colorful birds that live on flower nectar. There are 337 species of hummingbirds worldwide and out of which 21 species are found in Trinidad and Tobago. Not only the do they adorn the Postal Authority logo of Trinidad and Tobago but they have appeared on TT$ 20.00 bank notes as well.

The wings of these minute birds flap so fast that the birds look as if they are suspended and hover in mid air. These birds are the only family of birds that can fly backwards and some of them migrate during the winter months. They have unusual long beaks to be used to suck sweet nectar from flowers.

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